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International Publication

International Journal

AuthorTitleJournalNumPagePublication dateMORE
HanJae Yoon, Manhee LeeSGXDump: A Repeatable Code-Reuse Attack for Extracting SGX Enclave MemoryApplied Sciences 2022Vo1.12(15)2022.04LINK
Heedong Yang, Seungsoo Park, Kangbin Yim, Manhee LeeBetter Not to Use Vulnerability’s Reference for Exploitability PredictionApplied Sciences 2020Vol.10(7)25552020.04.LINK
Kyungroul Lee, Manhee LeeTrue Random Number Generator (TRNG) Utilizing FM Radio Signals for Mobile and Embedded Devices in Multi-Access Edge ComputingSensors 2019Vol.19(19)2019.09.LINK
Kwangjun Kim, Heedong Yang, Byeonggeun Son, Hanjae Yoon, Kangbin Yim, Manhee LeeA Survey on Attack Cases Exploiting Computer Architectural VulnerabilitiesAdvances in Intelligent Systems and ComputingVol.994pp 834-8442019.07.LINK
Gibeom Song, Manhee LeeEmulearner: Deep Learning Library for Utilizing EmulabJournal of Information and Commnunication Convergence Engineering (JICCE)Vol.16, No.4pp.235-2412018.12.LINK
Kwangjun Kim, Manhee LeeSNMP-Based Detection of VLAN Hopping Attack RiskLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE)Vol. 514pp.267-2722018.07.LINK
Hanjae Yoon, Manhee LeeTaintDroid’s Ability Test and Remedy for Tainting SMS, Bookmark, Accelerometer and Call Log InformationJournal of Engineering and Applied SciencesVol.12 (Special Issue 2)pp.6308-63122017PDF
Manhee LeeA taint analysis enabling technique for detecting contact information leak appInternational Information InstituteVol.20, No.9(A)pp.6549-65562017.09.LINK
Daeboo Jeong, Manhee LeeEvading Tainting Analysis of DroidBox by Using Image Difference Between Screen Capture ImagesLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE)Vol. 450pp.176-1842017.09.LINK
Gibeom Song, Manhee LeeMBR Image Automation Analysis Techniques Utilizing EmulabLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (LNEE)Vol. 424pp.213-2202017.03.LINK
Bogyu Jang, Jaeseung Lee, Manhee LeeAutomatic system for measuring security risk of Android application from third party app storeSECURITY AND COMMUNICATION NETWORKS (SCN)Vol.9, Issue.16pp.3190-31962016.11.LINK
Yeongyeong Kim, Hanjae Yoon, Manhee LeeImplementation of Web-based Groundwater Management for Auto Problem DetectionJournal of ConvergenceVol.5, No.4pp.32-382014.12.LINK
Manhee LeeDesign of an Intelligent System for Autonomous Groundwater ManagementJournal of ConvergenceVol.5, No.1pp.26-312014.03.LINK
Manhee LeeDesign Considerations on Constructing an Early Detection Framework for Detecting Large-Scale Malware AttacksCommunications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS)Vol.310pp.260-2672012.08.LINK
Manhee Lee, Minseon Ahn, Eunjung KimFast Secure Communications in Shared Memory Multiprocessor SystemsIEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed SystemsVol.22, Issue.10pp.1714-17212011.07.LINK
Manhee Lee, Baiksong An, Eunjung KimA Session Key Caching and Prefetching Scheme for Secure Communication in Cluster SystemsJournal of Parallel and Distributed ComputingVol.70, Issue.7pp.732-7422010.07.LINK
Manhee Lee, Eunjung KimA Comprehensive Framework for Enhancing Security in InfiniBand ArchitectureIEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed SystemsVol.18, Issue.10pp.1393-14062007.09.LINK

International Conference & Workshop

AuthorTitleConference / WorkshopLocationDateMORE
Soonhong Kwon, Heedong Yang, Manhee Lee, Jong-Hyouk LeeMachine Learning based Malware Detection with the 2019 KISA Data Challenge DatasetACM ICEA 2020Gangwon2020.12.LINK
Heedong Yang, Manhee LeeDemystifying ARM TrustZone TEE Client API using OP-TEEThe 9th International Conference on Smart Media and Applications (SMA 2020)Jeju2020.09.LINK
Seungsoo Park, Manhee LeeARTAS: automatic research trend analysis system for information securitySAC '20: The 35th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied ComputingBrno, Czech Republic2020.03.LINK
Hyohyun Son, Manhee LeeAnalysis of U.S. Supply Chain Risk Management and Proposal of White Box ProgramInternational Conference on Smart Media & Application 2019Guam2019.12.
Kwangjun Kim, Manhee LeeA Survey of KPTI Patch for Meltdown in ARM ProcessorsInternational Conference on Smart Media & Application 2019Guam2019.12.
Woojin Seok, Jeonghoon Moon, Wontaek Hong, JaiSeung Kwak, Manhee LeeStore-and-Forward Data Transfer using Optimized Intermediate Node2019 20th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS)Matsue, Japan2019.09.LINK
Hyohyun Son, Manhee LeeStudy on the Necessity of Standardization for SCRMInternational Conference on Culture Technology 2019 (ICCT-2019)Pattaya, Thailand2019.08.
Seungsoo Park, Manhee LeeAnalysis of ICCT Research Trend using the ARTASInternational Conference on Culture Technology 2019 (ICCT-2019)Pattaya, Thailand2019.08.
Gibeom Song, Manhee LeeDesign and implementation of emulab-based malware analysis service through EmuLiBSAC '19: Proceedings of the 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing2019.04.LINK
Gibeom Song, Seungsoo Park, Manhee LeeUsing Emulab for Deep Learning Performance Comparisons among Network TopologiesICIIT '19: Proceedings of the 2019 4th International Conference on Intelligent Information Technology2019.02.LINK
Kwangjun Kim, Manhee LeeFeasibility Study on Utilizing Management Information Base for Detecting Possible VLAN Hopping AttackThe International Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences(TICEAS)Bangkok, Thailand2018
Gibeom Song, Manhee LeeUtilizing Emulab for Machine Learning Resource PoolInternational Conference on Culture Technology(ICCT)Tokyo, Japen2017
Hanjae Yoon, Manhee LeeTaintDroid’s Ability Test and Remedy for Tainting SMS, Bookmark, Accelerometer and Call Log InformationInternational Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering and Science (IRES)-2017
Hanjae Yoon, Manhee LeeA Tip for Enabling Taint Analysis of Contact Information in TaintdDroidInternational Conference on Cultural Technology (ICCT)Pathum Thani, Thailand2017
Daeboo Jeong, Hanjae Yoon, Manhee LeeRandomness of Screen Captured Image for Diverting DroidBoxInternational Conference on Applied Mathmatics and Mechanics (ICAMM2016)Bangkok, Thailand2016
Bogyu Jang, Yeongyeong Kim, Manhee LeeSNMP-Based Management of Groundwater Management SystemHigher Education ForumHongKong2015
Bogyu Jang, Yeongyeong Kim, Manhee LeeManagement Information Base Design for Secure Groundwater Management SystemInternational Conference on Applied Mechanics and Mechatronics EngineeringThailand2015
Yeongyeong Kim, Hanjae Yoon, Manhee LeeStealthy Information Leakage from Android Smartphone through Screenshot and OCRInternational Conference on Chemical, Materialand Food EngineergingChina2015
Manhee Lee, R. Jang, H. SeoA Configurable Web-based Analytic Hierarchy Process SystemThe International Conference on Computers, Communications and SystemsChiang Mai, Thailand2012
Baiksong An, Manhee Lee, Kihwan Yum, Eunjung KimEfficient Data Packet Compression for Cache Coherent Multiprocessor Systems2012 Data Compression ConferenceUtah, USA2012.04.LINK
Manhee Lee, Minseon Ahn, Eunjung KimI2SEMS: Interconnects-Independent Security Enhanced Shared Memory Multiprocessor Systems16th International Conference on Parallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques (PACT 2007)Brasov, Romania2007.10.LINK
Manhee Lee, Eunjung Kim, Kihwan Yum, Mazin YousifAn Overview on Security Issues in Cluster InterconnectsSixth IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGRID'06)Singapore, Singapore2006.05.LINK
Manhee Lee, Eunjung Kim, Mazin YousifSecurity Enhancement in InfiniBand ArchitectureThe 19th IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS'05)Denver, Colorado, USA2005.04.LINK
Manhee Lee, Eunjung Kim, Kihwan Yum, Mazin YousifInstant attack stopper in InfiniBand architectureIEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, 2005.Cardiff, Wales, UK2005.05.LINK
Manhee Lee, Eunjung Kim, Cheolwon LeeA Source Identification Scheme against DDoS Attacks in Cluster InterconnectsMobile and Wireless Networking/High Performance Scientific, Engineering Computing/Network Design and Architecture/Optical Networks Control and Management/Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks/CompilMontreal, QC, Canada2004.08.LINK
ManHee Lee, Sangkil Jung, Yoonjoo Kwon, Kookhan Kim, Jeonghoon Moon, Okhwan ByeonSpanning Tree Search Model to Traceback DDoS Attack Using NetflowInternational Conference on Security and Management(SAM '03)Las Vegas, Nevada, USA2003.06.LINK
ManHee Lee, H.J.Choi, H.W.ParkA Study on Management Model of World Wide Web ServerThe 13th International Conference on Information NetworkingJeju, South Korea1999
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